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What do you think the future of Twitter looks like?

, a member-based business intelligence firm that benchmarks the digital performance of brands seems to think that Twitter’s recent move of installing the same man who could not revive Twitter as the chairman and CEO as part-time CEO is a terrible move. (more…)

Martha Stewart’s social media game is on point! Weird, I know.  (more…)

FIRST, start by listing all the things you need in terms of your hotel’s marketing.

In this episode of the #StockiExchange I give you a few  tips & tricks for Online Reputation Management for Hotels & Restaurants [Tweet “NEVER offer compensation, monetary or not, online in an open forum review site. “] (more…)

Facebook has recently changed its policy on “like-gating” in their platform policies.  Like-gating is the practice of requiring visitors to “Like” your page in order to participate in some kind of additional interaction such as a competition, giveaway, coupon, or reward. (more…)

What is a Marketing Strategy?

Marketing strategy is the long-term course of action design to optimize and deliver your brand’s message to various stakeholders resulting in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. (more…)

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