Hospitality Consultant, Photographer, Filmmaker, & TV Host/Producer

Since his first overseas trip to the south of France, John Stocki’s curiosity and passion for travel have only grown with every new place he visits. With experience working in marketing and PR for 5-star luxury hotels in the Middle East & China to traveling to remote lodges in Alaska filming his new travel TV show, Great Escapes, John has an insatiable thirst for exploring the globe.

His adventures have taken him to over 30+ countries and whether he’s taking photos, filming video, or writing about his experiences, John provides a unique perspective and his work aims to encourage others to step outside their comfort zone and explore their own curiosities of the world.


John Stocki


Born and educated in the United States, John Stocki launched his career on a global scale working in Australia, United Arab Emirates, China, and the US, as well as traveling and training in over 30 countries and 29 states throughout the US.

With his extensive travel experience, John has been hired as a Host and Travel Expert for a new 30-minute luxury hotel TV show called Great Escapes. The 39-episode series airs in the fall of 2017 to an estimated 2 million viewers worldwide.

In 2012, after returning to the US, John started the Stocki Exchange – A hospitality consulting firm where he now acts as the company’s CEO. As a successful Keynote Speaker, he regularly speaks at industry conferences on topics including travel and hospitality sales and marketing. John is also a Consulting Partner with Mocinno International, joining a global hospitality management company with offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Palma, Dubai, London, and Amsterdam.

He is a regular Contributor or Columnist to The Huffington Post, Startup Grind, HospitalityNetHostfully, has written travel articles for BBC Good Food Middle East, and writes a weekly blog on a range of hospitality topics.

Oh, and he LOVES to cook and savor craft beers & bourbon. So, that kinda feeds into his passion for the hospitality industry. Who doesn’t love good food and drink?

TV Travel Expert

John is a Travel Expert for the Television show Great Escapes.

Favorite Food

He can’t eat enough Vietnamese Pho. Pronounce it any way you wish. It’s still delicious.

World Traveler

John has circled the globe and visited over 30 countries.

At Home Chef

He’s addicted to watching travel & food shows and wants to spend one day exploring with Anthony Bourdain.



Moving your business forward one step at a time.


Anonymous reviews from your target audience.


Delivering ideas in a meaningful, impactful, and direct way. (more…)


Capturing photos that reflect your company’s image and style.


4K television production, documentaries, brand videos, & social media content, we can do it. Anytime. Anywhere.


Brand Collaborations


“Our resort and conference center was doing well, but we wanted it to be doing great. We are fortunate to have a staff that has been with us –  in some cases –  40 years. With that comes a culture of “we’ve always done it that way.”  John spent just one day familiarizing himself with

Maia Turek, Michigan Department of Natural Resources

“John’s knack for detail and proactive, pragmatic brilliance is rare. To say he’s a master juggler is an understatement—he’s more of a personal guide, navigating you step by step through a carefully strategized marketing plan.”

Maria Kinney, Owner - Ketch Design

“I feel that I gained more from the course than I initially expected. The instructor was very knowledgeable and flexible with answering our questions about specific hurdles/challenges.”

April Fitzsimmons, Marketing Coordinator - Crowne Plaza Lansing West

John is efficient, on-time, practical and inventive in his way to execute marketing strategies based on sound reason and numbers.  If marketing isn’t your thing, hire John because he’ll walk you through the forest and explain things along the way.

Aaron Carpenter, Owner - Legendary Lion Web Design

John is a complete digital rockstar on so many levels. He’s organized, creative and compelling. He will drive your brand without fail.

Randall Erno, Former COO - Tent Venue

John goes above and beyond expectations. He ensures that customer relations and job execution are superior, making the relationship top priority.

Troy Daily, Owner - Daily Medias

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