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In this episode of the #StockiExchange I give you a few  tips & tricks for Online Reputation Management for Hotels & Restaurants [Tweet “NEVER offer compensation, monetary or not, online in an open forum review site. “]

1. Be Genuine

Speak online to someone just like you would if they were standing right in front of you. But you now have the ability to proofread.

2. Be Timely

Check your reviews AT LEAST weekly! Review, respond, escalate recurring issues you see you the responsible person to see that it’s addressed and corrected.

3. Be Honest

Don’t lie and accept responsibility. No one is perfect. Fess up and people will not lose trust in you and your brand. The second someone sniffs something fishy about you response or can sense you’re avoiding an issue, you’ll start to lose brand equity.

4. Don’t react emotionally

Breath. Breath. Breath. Walk away. Now you’re ready to craft a response. Write it. Now leave again and find someone who doesn’t know anything about the review and have them read your response before you post it. Once it’s online, it’s there forever. Really…forever.

5. Offer to speak offline

If you’re dealing with really irritated customer in the online world, try to direct them to discuss the matter with you personally. Drop your cell # or email address and try to smooth the situation out over email or on the phone. Don’t let the emotions keep them writing online, which can be extremely damaging to your online reputation, whether their comments are valid or not. Get personal.

6. Don’t offer compensation online

This is an open invitation for everyone to see that if someone who complains, he/she will get free stuff. A free hotel night, free dinner, a refund, whatever it is. People will take advantage of this. OFFLINE, you can offer whatever you want to guests to make them happy, as per your company policy. However, NEVER offer compensation, monetary or not, online in an open forum review site. Direct them to your contact details and handle the situation offline.

——–> Check out these websites if you’re a hotelier or restaurant and look what people are saying about you! Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Booking.com, Hotels.com

Are you not ready to manage your hotel or restaurant’s online reputation management? Need a little extra training on how to best manage your online presence? Shoot me an email and we’ll setup a time to discuss!

Thanks everyone, John

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