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Instagram has finally opened up their API to third party services by announcing their Hootsuite integration for management services & scheduling of posts!


With the announcement of their advertising platform to be launching in Fall 2015, third management integrations will be necessary and very beneficial for all marketeers who are adding Instagram into a big part of their digital strategy and social media efforts!


In order to use Instagram in your Hootsuite account, go to Add Social Network, select Instagram and you’re all set.

You need to make sure that you’ve added this from your mobile device that you’re managing an Instagram account from.


There are certain functions that you can manage with a free Hootsuite account and certain ones that are only available with a paid Pro or Enterprise account. Don’t have a Hootsuite account? Get one here.

Check out the official How-to Guide from Instagram here!

The last thing that Instagram needs to introduce, which I have faith they will in their next update this fall, is the ability to manage multiple accounts from the app. Similar to Twitters multi-account functionality. Current, you’re required to logout of each account then re-enter your login details for every account you wish to make a post to. This is very cumbersome and not user-friendly, especially for those who are managing multiple accounts for personal & business purposes! See Twitters multi-account management UI below.


Wanna know more about creating, managing, or tip on Instagram? Shoot me an email and we’ll chat!


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