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It’s time for another episode of the Stocki Exchange Marketing Show! This week, John is joined by Anthony Craig from Georgina’s and Simon Joseph from Harvest TC/Roaming Harvest to talk marketing in the restaurant world. With knowledge and good food talk, what more could you ask for?

Our guests talk about how they differentiate themselves in the highly competitive market of Northern Michigan, and how marketing and high-quality cuisine goes into that. The three go deep on how to use marketing to foster personal connections to customers, and how those personal connections can be used to your advantage. Anthony and Simon point out the importance of hiring people with drive and commitment over just skill, and John chimes in with how vital it is that marketing comes from a place of strong passion. The gang also discuss business models they think could be effective in their futures, plus their ideal marketing strategies.

During One Word Answers, John asks Anthony and Simon their plans if they were given a case of high-quality wine. Later, John talks ways to obtain and track short-term feedback in digital marketing, using marketing as a tool to support an experience, and the three express their love for Traverse City summers during Ask The Stocki Exchange. Finally, we provide all the social media you need to keep up with our guests, plus give you a chance to win a $50 gift card to Georgina’s!



2:24 – Simon details how the Roaming Harvest food truck helps differentiate from other restaurants.
3:23 – Anthony explains how a high-quality experience is the key to what Georgina’s does in marketing.
4:45 – Anthony and Simon both express how important word of mouth is to a business.
7:50 – John asks the pair what their biggest marketing challenges are.
13:00 – Our guests talk about the importance of maintaining and protecting a brand.
15:00 – Anthony and Simon discuss potential next steps and business models.
18:04 – The importance of passion and caring for your product is brought up.
22:46 – Simon talks about the importance of standing out and creating a personal connection in marketing.
25:09 – John asks the pair about how they’re using mobile technology to market.
27:41 – Simon explains the difficulty and need for perspective in how you market.
34:25 – One Word Answers! John asks Simon and Anthony about wine.
35:21- Ask The Stocki Exchange! John talks tracking marketing in the digital world, how to market an experience, and the love of summers in Traverse City.
45:07 – Gift Certificate giveaway! Plus social media, closing comments, and outro.


Anthony Craig Portrait

Website: http://www.georginastaqueria.com/

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411481_385969068156637_1113832627_o 1896801_580787422008133_1707939467_n

Roaming Harvest Website: http://roamingharvest.com/

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Harvest TC Website: http://roamingharvest.com/harvest/

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  • Shannon Aikins says:

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this episode! Very interesting to hear these two chefs share their passion for food as an experience. Absolutely loved Georgina’s, and Roaming Harvest is on my list for the next visit to Traverse City! Great job!

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