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Welcome, and thank you for joining us for another edition of The Stocki Exchange Marketing Show! In this week’s episode, John is joined by Bill Kring of 9 & 10 News, Chris Warren of Midwestern Broadcasting, and Luke Haase, Owner of The Traverse City Ticker, TC Business News, and Northern Express. With all that talent and experience in the room, you don’t want to miss this conversation!

The group discusses the benefits, flaws, and future of Neilson Ratings, navigating the digital world as a traditional media entity, and how to engage with local viewers. Bill, Chris, and Luke talk about the importance of creating quality content, with John adding input on how context also plays a key role in marketing. The topic of creating good value in order to drive engagement or spending is covered, along with subscription services and how to utilize or compete with them. Our guests also give their thoughts on how the transition to mobile has affected local television and radio, and what this means for both data and content providers and everyday consumers.

In One Word Answers, the topic takes a lighter turn when the guys talk their favorite leisure activities during their free time. During Ask The Stocki Exchange, John talks about the importance of microcontent, the context of information, marketing width and depth, and one of his favorite marketing philosophies from Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk. Lastly, John gives you all the info you need to follow each of his guests on social media and hints at this week’s giveaway!


2:44 – Bill talks about how Neilson Ratings are being used and evolving in the digital age.
3:38 – Chris and Luke weigh in on their problems with Neilson Ratings and why they don’t use them.
7:35 – John argues for the use of digital analytics as a better tracker of data.
8:15 – The guys talk digital platforms and how to integrate them with traditional media.
13:40 – Bill explains the necessity of quality content to generate interest.
16:50 – John describes the difference between content and context and the relationship between the two.
17:40 – Chris talks about how he leverages content to attract both viewers and advertisers.
21:58 – The group goes deep on the benefits and flaws of subscription services.
26:15 – The key distinction between price and value is addressed.
29:12 – John asks each of the guests about how they’re using mobile sites.
34:01 – One Word Answers! We find out what everyone likes to do on their days off.
35:50 – Giveaway hints and social media info for all of our guests!
36:24 – Ask The Stocki Exchange! John talks microcontent, marketing width vs. depth, and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.


3100935_G Bill Kring Photo

Website: http://www.9and10news.com/

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Chris Warren_2008 4x5 color

Website: http://wtcmi.com/ | http://www.midwesternbroadcasting.com/

All-Logos Luke Haas

Northern Express Website: http://www.northernexpress.com/michigan/

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TC Ticker Website: http://www.traverseticker.com/

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TC Business News Website: http://www.tcbusinessnews.com/



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