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Apple has just released the latest iOS 8 update which includes some pretty sweet features that will make developers really excited for the marketing opportunities they offer.

#1 Interactive push notification campaigns

Push Notifications are nothing new and people either love them or most find them battery draining nuisances. However, with this new update, Push Notifications now have the ability to become interactive and allow users to reply and make decisions instead of the normal one-way communication. This will allow for a greater level of personal and targeted interactivity between Apps and their users.

EXAMPLE: Imagine this, say you’re a big user of Untappd like I am and enjoy a tasty adult beverage just as much as the next guy or gal. With interactive push notifications, the Untappd App could, in theory, send you a push notification when you’re within a certain geographical location (say 1 miles or less) from your favorite brewery with a marketing message that said “SPECIAL OFFER – Visit XXXXX Brewery TONIGHT to save $1 off a beer” with the options of “Clip Coupon Now” or “Sent To A Friend”. You could click on the notification with “Clip Coupon Now” which will direct you to a one-time use Coupon Code that can be shown to the bar to save you a buckaroo, or “Send To A Friend” allows you to share your code with a friend either inside the app, thus sending them a push notification alerting them that their friend has sent them a special offer or you can also send via email, text, socially, etc…

From a marketing standpoint, the brewery can create a special offer which they can track, that offers a great CTA with a short deadline. This requires the user to make a quick decision, the offers can easily track ROI and hopefully drives some traffic to your location! Keep in mind, what I have just mentioned in theoretical, and not a current function of UnTappd, though it should be 🙂 Are you listening UnTappd?


#2 Touch ID Updates

If you have thumbs like the Jolly Green Giant like I do, typing even on the iPhone6 is a drag and my clumsy sausage digits just normally get in the way. With the increased security these days to protect your identity and information, it seems like every app has a login and password to access them making it a pain to try to type in all that information if you can even remember it. Previously, Apple released Touch ID, allowing users to gain security access by using their Fingerprint. Nice and all, but access to the developers side was a little light unless it was an Apple Application like the App Store, Lock Screen, etc…. Apple has now opened access for developers to integrate Touch ID into more places, allowing a higher level of security that is above and beyond passwords, directly into their apps. This allows users smoother access to our favorite apps without having to thumb around with User ID’s and Passwords. For those of you with big fingers, rejoice.


#3 Credit Card Scanning

Finally, the last nice additional to the iOS 8 Update is the ability for developers to integrate Credit Card Scanning and Image Recognition software into their apps. The biggest benefit that this will provide is the conversion rates for mobile eCommerce websites. No longer will you have to type in all 16 digits of your credit card, expiration date, and CSV #. During the checkout process, you’ll be able to just scan over your Credit Card with your camera and the app will recognize your card # and expiration date and you’ll be all set. Apple integrated this ability into Apple Pay when linking your eligible credit cards, but now developers have more access to the technology for their native apps.

credit card scanner


John Stocki

Article is written by John Stocki, Owner of Stocki Exchange.

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