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“The Department of Homeland Security plans to ban laptops in the cabins of all flights from Europe to the United States, European security officials told The Daily Beast. The announcement is expected Thursday.” states an article published by The Daily Beast on May 10th.

Almost an hour later, Skift reported that an official with a major U.S. airline told them that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has briefed carriers on possible plans. But the official said late Wednesday (May 10) that U.S. airlines had not been told when, or even if, a ban would be implemented. The airline official said carriers have been told an electronics ban might cover all flights from the largest European airports to the United States, including London and Paris.

In the same Skift article, a representative of DHS told Skift that plans to extend the electronics ban have yet to be finalized but are under consideration.

“No final decisions have been made on expanding the restriction on large electronic devices in aircraft cabins; however, it is under consideration,” said David Lapan, deputy assistant secretary for media operations/press secretary for Department of Homeland Security. “DHS continues to evaluate the threat environment and will make changes when necessary to keep air travelers safe. When there are changes, we’ll announce that.”

This news comes following the March 21 decision by the DHS to ban large electronic devices from inbound flights from 10 airports in the Middle East & Africa. This affects the following airlines: Emirates, Etihad Airways, Royal Jordanian Airlines, EgyptAir, Saudi Airlines, Kuwait Air, Royal Air Maroc, and Qatar Airways.

When asked whether the ban is intended as a salvo in the battle between U.S. and Gulf carriers, the officials demurred. “The effort was not focused on any one location or country,” one said. No U.S. carriers fly direct routes out of any of the airports included in the ban.

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Updated: U.S. to Ban Laptops on All Flights From Europe, Report Says

U.S. Bans Large Electronic Devices on Inbound Flights From Middle East and Africa

Photo source: http://news.delta.com/media-library

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