Alaska – Undisturbed Nature

Offering some of the last remaining untouched wilderness in the world, Alaska is truly a wildlife sanctuary and human reprise from our technology filled lives. You’ll only hear sounds of chirping animals, running water, and the booms of glaciers calving. You can follow the foot steps of bears or the migration of millions of salmon. Visit during the summer and you will bask in daylight for 20+ hours a day and the opposite is true during the winter with cold snowy nights that seemingly last forever. It’s not whether you visit in summer or winter, it’s whether you visit at all. Follow my journey around the Kenai peninsula as I filmed three separate locations for the new travel TV show, Great Escapes.

Photo Locations: Kenai Riverside Lodge, Kenai Backcountry Lodge, Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge. All lodges owned/operated by Alaska Wildland Adventures.

Photo Story

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