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Martha Stewart’s social media game is on point! Weird, I know. 

See below a recent post on her Facebook Wall where she utilizes a 3:4 ratio video, instead of the landscape options (Broadcast standard 1920 x 1080 or 16:9).

She’s understood the difference between CONTENT VS. CONTEXT and is designing content to be delivered in the most beneficial way to each audience. In this case, ADD-ridden Facebook users. She’s mashed up 15-seconds of a 3-minute full version video and dropped it on Facebook. Here she proves she or her team understands users on Facebook and gives them just a taste of a video and if they’re interested, they’ll click through the link to watch the full version. She knows the % of people watching 3-minute videos on Facebook is minimal, so she gave the consumers exactly what they want.

Martha has a pretty good grasp on her Facebook marketing & content strategy, but I’d steer clear of any financial advice she offers.


Martha Steward FB Post - Oct 7


You’ll see from the new Facebook UI that you’ll now see the name of the page that you’re viewing content from (Martha Stewart) and a small brief of the video below from the original post. She’s designed the video in a 3:4 ratio as to not take up the complete screen and cover up some of the top & bottom with her photo and content below. A perfect example of designing content for the consumer platform.

Martha Steward VIdeo iPhone 6

DESKTOP CAMPAIGN (Link from post on FB)

When you’re directed to the link, you’ll be able to watch the full campaign in standard-broadcast resolution of 16:9 ratio. As the majority of people using Facebook aren’t watching 3-minute videos in their desktop newsfeed or on Facebook Mobile, the video has done EXACTLY what’s it’s designed to do. Grab your attention in a 15-second clip of the whole video and provide you the link to watch more on their website if you’re interested!

Martha Stewart Website - Oct 7

Nice, job Martha.



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