Are you delivering your hospitality promise?

Hospitality Experience Audit_Stocki Exchange

Make sure your Hospitality Experience is measuring up to your guests expectations.

The Hospitality Experience inside your hotel or restaurant is always on the top of your mind. Why not make sure that everything is top notch?

With a comprehensive Hospitality Experience Audit, you’ll never worry about seeing cringe-worthy negative reviews about your facilities or customer service again. We will visit your facility and evaluate everything associated with the user experience from the ground up. Beginning with hotel or restaurant research and the booking or reservation experience, right down to the actual on-site facilities. Your full spectrum of facilities and amenities will be reviewed and evaluated. Plus, we will take a hard look at your quality of customer service, conflict resolution, and continued customer engagement.

After an audit is completed, the Stocki Exchange will provide you with a detailed breakdown of where you’re doing well and where improvement should be made. Interested in setting up Hospitality Experience Audit for your hotel, restaurant, bar or brewery? Email us at or call (231) 620-5646!

Once the audit is complete, we also offer anonymous secret shopping services to make sure your guests are responding well to your improvements!

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